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Cochon 555 is a 10-city tour that is lardcore to the core. It’s a type of offal exhibition rarely seen outside of a Fergus Henderson birthday party. At each of the stops five local chefs compete with one goal in mind—to cook every last morsel of a particular breed of heritage hog like Red Wattle, Hampshire and Berkshire. On Saturday, the tour hit The Columns at One Commerce Square in downtown Memphis where five local chefs showcased their nose-to-tail chops.

Contestants included: Kelly English of Restaurant Iris, Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club, Lee Richardson of Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel, Kevin Nashan of Sidney Street Café, and Michael Hudman and Andrew Ticer of Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. And after the dust crispy pork skin particles settled, Kelly English took home the prize with dishes including Leftover Lou Minh (belly, skin, ginger, back fat noodles, slow-roasted shoulder) and eclairs piped with loose lard crème, blood ganache and ear bits. Here are some photos of the action by local shooter Justin Burks.