Word Of The Day: Apiary

Ever wonder where honey comes from? Besides a plastic bear? If you're afraid of bees, an apiary is probably not the ideal hangout for you no matter how many freshly squeezed honey-sweetened artisan cocktails they're serving in ball jars. What, did you not get the invite to that party at the apiary? The actual apiary with bees, not the East Village bar that comes up first when you Google "apiary."

An actual apiary is any place where beehives are kept. One major environmental benefit is that the bees help pollinate the flora around the apiary (which is often strategically placed for this purpose) and in turn, the flora infuses the honey they're making. Depending on what kind of flora that is, you might get orange blossom honey. Or lavender. Or wildflower. One hive per acre is all it takes for this tasty symbiotic relationship to form.

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