14 Cheese And Fruit Sandwich Ideas

I had no idea yesterday's column would spark such lively conversation on Food Republic's Facebook page, home of lively food discussions. But it seems that not everyone is delighted by our fans' childhood memories of American singles and grape jelly sandwiches. So let me suggest a sandwich for lunch you may not have considered before. Cheeses and fruits that DO go together.

Here's the great thing — you're very unlikely to fail when putting this sandwich together, and almost all can be grilled for an ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Watch: brie and grape, stilton and peach, mozzarella and fig, goat and strawberry, smoked gouda and plum, American singles and grape jelly. Hang on, I messed up. See what happened there? Alright, onward, let's get exotic. Fried paneer and mango. Labneh and apricot. Feta and canteloupe. Manchego with a smear of pomegranate molasses. Cotija and guava. I could really do this all day. But I want you to.

Think of your favorite cheese. Seriously, any cheese. I heard cream cheese. Good start. Spread it on some bread with your favorite jelly (raspberry is highly recommended) for an excellent jumping off point. How about ricotta? You love lasagna and look forward to stuffed shells night all week. Add a thick layer to a crusty baguette, top with blackberry jam and you'll never go back to tomato sauce. Well, maybe you'll go back. Tomatoes are fruit, after all. And cheddar? Well, in case you hadn't heard, apples and cheddar are besties. As in people bake them in pies together — a.k.a., commitment. The least you can do is let them hang out in bread.

If all I've gotten you to do is dip your string cheese into a jar of strawberry jelly, I'm fine with that. Or you could find 14 hidden messages in this story, take a leap of faith and spread some quince jelly on your Jarlsburg sandwich.