Super Bowl Menu: Chili Recipes For All

Shredded cheese, check. Sour cream, check. Scallions, crushed tortilla chips, chopped onions, tomatoes and any other garnish you might desire on your chili? Check...oh wait, chili. Right. The good news is you've still got almost a week to get your game plan in action. The bad news is after eating chili leftovers for a week, you may not exactly be excited to whip up another giant batch. But tell yourself this: is there a more appropriate football-watching food? Okay, your wing recipe could probably use a practice go, yes, but chili! Case closed.

We can't emphasize this enough, now is the time to master your chili recipe of choice. Not Friday, not Sunday, now. Make a batch according to your personality type as listed below, don't Instagram it because none of our Instagram photos of chili look very good (note the lack of hyperlink), and you're on your way. It definitely beats stamping a logo on a pizza.