Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

It's the weekend! We're psyched to hit the kitchen to test out some of the bites that we're getting ready for our Super Bowl party, a week from Sunday. Practice makes perfect. Right? And for your reading pleasure, we point you to our most intriguing tales from another week in the life of Food Republic, and we're talking everything from eating weeds (Why Are So Many People Eating Weeds?) to mixing drinks with flaming garnishes (The Versailles Cocktail).

  1. 10 Coffee Orders To Step Up Your Game
  2. Chili Cornbread Cups Recipe
  3. Pork Belly Sliders Recipe
  4. Cafeteria Lunch Gets A Makeover
  5. The Importance of Great Tortillas
  6. Chevelle: Big on Bourdain, String Cheese
  7. 6 Craft Beers For The Super Bowl
  8. Meet The Man Behind Your New Bag
  9. What Is Pesto? Recipes Beyond Basil Sauce
  10. Terrible Ideas for Valentine's Day
  11. Pyknic: The Streetwear Brand For Foodies
  12. Vegan State of the Union