Vegan State Of The Union

We have had a strong year as nation of grass eaters, though it has not been without our weak moments. We lost Eva Longoria but we gained Russell Brand. The films and the books have all helped the cause. So have all of the advancements in quality pleather footwear and hemp sweaters, and Jason Mraz's blog post about veganism improving his sex life. I for one am optimistic about the next year; we will see more developments in the alternative cheese and vegan protein industries (waits for applause to end) but we still need more.

Our great minds of this nation need to come together and create not just "fake" products but new, innovative and tasty alternatives to tingle and entice the taste buds of a new generation. But friends and fellow countrymen and women, we have a great challenge in front of us. We are embattled and spread thin in protest against factory farming and illegal fishing. We have even joined our brothers and sisters at #occupy.

But we must remember that veganism is not about celebrities and fads; it is about what we consume, and the thing we consume most is food. Therefore I propose that in 2012 we focus our efforts, our buying power and education on the seed. There are 10 major companies in the proprietary seed market that control 67 percent of the global seed industry. That means that the very first link in the food chain is under the thumb of faceless corporations. Yet we are not #occupying them? The GMO seeds feed cows, chickens, pigs — even fish in all factory farms. They feed people in all manner of processed foods, yet we fight the symptoms. Stop the Seed. Stop the machine. (Waits for applause.) So yes, my fellows grass eaters, there is still work to be done in this new millennium, and here is how I plan to help us do it.

The most powerful weapon of earth is a table fork—that's what Gandhi said, and I take that as my mantra. I cook good food from quality organic ingredients that come in season from places that I know are close to my habitat. The most powerful vote in all politics and corporations is your dollar. Theodore Roosevelt said, "Do what you can with what you have where you are," and I encourage you to do just that. Not only do I encourage that, but I will help in that cause by doing what I can, what I am good at: Providing recipes, blog posts and more guidance from my side of the equation.

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