Good Eats For Your Chinese New Year

Ah, finally. A New Year's celebration not centered around blacking out and the subsquent hangover. While you're still more than welcome to partake of those festivities (just go easy on the bai jiu), we like to enjoy Chinese New Year with noodles, parades and (with any luck at all), envelopes of cash. This is also the only holiday where Chinese takeout just seems unacceptable, even the best lo mein in New York City.

Make the Year of the Dragon the year you learn about real Chinese foodlike cheese — and how to make a few basics, starting with buying yourself a decent wok. Check out a technique we lovingly refer to as "Chinese orange-ing," meet a man who personifies the relationship between Jews and Chinese food, and find out whether New Yorkers actually eat food out of takeout containers or it's just a ruse. Awh, gave it away.

So break out the sriracha (that's right, its creator is Chinese), pop in your Enter the Dragon DVD (or VHS, no judgments) and get your brand-new wok fired up for our favorite Chinese recipes.