Win A Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker!

Feel like watching the biggest football event of the year with a hot, steaming bowl of homemade chili by your side? Obviously not on your lap, because when you jump up to scream it'll go flying into your flatscreen, and we know that's nobody's friend. But you still want chili, right?

Like us on Facebook to win a Hamilton Beach programmable slow-cooker, the perfect device for setting and forgetting about the most important of your Super Bowl party fare. Whether you're a turkey, veggie or good old-fashioned beer-spiked beef man (or woman), make this the year you create (or copy) and master your own proprietary chili recipe. The giveaway wraps up next Wednesday, January 25, and we'll speed-ship the cooker to its new owner in plenty of time to master these recipes before Super Bowl Sunday, which some people insist on referring to as February 5. Remember: never try out a new recipe on any "big day."

Experiment at home for those who will eat your creations no matter what (AKA: loved ones). Even if you don't win it, slow-cooker recipes are some of the easiest to pull off. Ready to watch meat fall off the bone? Duck confit nachos, anyone? (Our hands are raised in case you can't see).