Six Degrees Of No Wikipedia For Lunch

As part of an editorial team that relies on the many important websites that make the life of an online writer easier, today's What To Eat For Lunch is dedicated to the SOPA/PIPA protest happening across the world wide webiverse today. That would be me doing my part to help protect our rights to the unbridled pleasures of the 'net.

First, let's get the obligatory sopa joke out of the way and provide you with this fantastic Mexican recipe, featuring poached eggs. Now, let's play Six Degrees of Wikipedia, using only Food Republic stories. Move over, barrel of monkeys, I'm bored. Someone yell out a food. I heard a vulgur sausage reference! That's a good start.

Residents of Nuremberg, Germany know and love the concept of sausage in a bun, much like New Yorkers. Their version comes in threes, known locally as Drei im Weggla. Know what comes in threes in New York? Martinis at lunch.

Martinis are arguably the most iconic mixed drink in the world, garnished with either a lemon twist or olives — which, incidentally, also generally come in threes. What else is iconic and involves lemon and olives (in the form of oil)? The easiest roast chicken ever.

Wow, this is a big entry. Oh hey, the vulgur sausage reference guy just yelled "that's what she said!" Neat. So you've got all this leftover chicken and can make salad, soup or Chinese roast chicken buns.

You're going for the buns, right? Shut up, vulgur sausage reference guy. Ahem! So is Ed Schoenfeld, the earthly embodiment of the relationship between Jews and Chinese food...

...just like Micah Cohen, a Jewish-Chinese menswear designer currently displaying his wares at the men's trade show (capsule) (bonus wiki-points!). We hear he makes a fashionable mac and cheese. Fashionable mac and cheese, huh? Isn't that just as easy as tossing lump crab meat and brie with some shell pasta? It is? This game rocks... does Cobra Starship, an electro-pop band who loves ramen. Ramen is soup, Mexican soup is sopa as we previously established and SOPA would be what I'm protesting with this highly organized food rant. Bam, Six Degrees of Wikipedia for lunch. You're welcome. Now I just have to find something to do about Word of the Day. The very prospect is looking pretty intimidating right now.