Stuff A Tomato

See that tomato? That's a happy tomato, because it's stuffed. Have you ever met a stuffed food that seemed even the least bit unhappy? Let's explore this for a moment. I know of a stuffed meatloaf that literally (okay, figuratively) smiles when you slice into it. Ditto dual-animal hot wings. Both those two aren't innately vehicles for their stuffing. Not like tomatoes.

Now I realize the red devils are as out of season as it gets, but several accounts of unmitigated food porn in recent memory have me craving stuffed tomatoes like they're still in style. Oh wait, they can be. You simply have to make it so. I implore you, locate the ripest tomato this relatively mild winter can muster up, ripen it a little more on a windowsill, then hollow that thing out, sprinkle it with salt and make it look good. Allow me to guide you.

And any of these (with the exception of caprese) can be broiled for a few minutes if you prefer yours al dente. It's a great, healthy lunch option if you're craving something delicious and don't want to feel like a stuffed tomato.