This Exists: Superbowl XLVI Pizza Prints

Don't you just love photo cakes, those perfectly good cakes made even better by a sheet of edible ink bearing any image you can dream up? Do you order pizzas by the dozen on Super Bowl Sunday even if it's just five of you on the couch? Weren't you just saying how the "Super Bowl people" need to get their act together and market football pizzas? Well you'll never guess what hit the daytime cable TV ads just in time for the big game. Meet Pizza Prints, the...uh, I guess they're cheese? Let's cut to the video for futher clarification.

As you can see, as long as your pizza bears no toppings, you can place the cheese-flavored product extruded out of a "food printer" (we imagine) right on top, stamping your pie with football pride and letting everyone know how much you value mozzarella. Order online or from the TV ad to get an additional Super Bowl XLVI cheese-ish...thing (I'm having real trouble coming up with a noun to describe what this is) and as a bonus you'll get a helmet bearing your team's logo to mark your territory on a third pie that never did anything to you.

Pizza Prints: "Because the last time you wasted $10 customizing your cheese pizza, it involved bougie toppings like prosciutto."