Shiri Appleby Has A Famous Chef Boyfriend

She was taught from an early age that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But the tables have been turned for actress Shiri Appleby, who is dating Los Angeles chef-restaurateur Jon Shook (Animal, Son of a Gun) and now on the receiving end of some pretty mind-blowing cooking herself.

The lovely Roswell and Life Unexpected actress, and star of YouTube series Dating Rules From My Future Self, loves the food world (she's dating a famous chef after all) and knows her sophisticated palate has been one heck of an asset (she's dating a famous chef after all). While she does have a go-to meal for spicing it up—roasted chicken with vegetables, as she says—she readily admits that a sexy meal isn't always about high-end cuisine. In fact, the beautiful brunette swears that she gets turns turned on when her superstar chef boyfriend makes her something as simple as...peanut butter and jelly. PB&J as an aphrodisiac? Why the hell not.

Do you have a go-to meal that you cook a guy when you're really into him?

My mom taught me to cook for the guy you're dating. And if you really cook for him, it doesn't matter what you're making. It could be mac and cheese or spaghetti and sauce – no matter what it is, it will make a guy happy that you've cooked. Over the years, my cooking skills have considerably improved.

So, your go-to recipe...

Roasted chicken is super easy to make as long as you let the chicken sit as soon as it's come out of the oven. Guaranteed, it will impress the guy. It's pretty easy to make—throw some vegetables into the pan while the chicken is roasting [to round out the meal].

What do you ask Jon cook for you?

I've wanted to start eating vegetarian again. It's not easy to do it all the time, so we balance things out.

So you're on a bit of a health kick?

I juiced with apples this morning. I'm really into juicing, which I go in and out with. Right now I'm eating pears until they go out of season.

What's your favorite style of cooking?

Nothing makes me happier than sitting at the sushi bar with a bottle of sake. I love Matsuhisa in Los Angeles. [Jon and I] get everything there. I love the halibut with salt and lemon, but everything is good. You can't walk into that restaurant and be disappointed.

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