Keep Truffle Salt At Your Desk

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I think it's cute watching everyone's first truffle phase. The jar containing one weak, oily specimen they chop up and add to fettuccine. The bottle of kerosene-like truffle-flavored olive oil they truly believe contains actual fungus and happily shelled out $30 for. I still have a bottle of that stuff for when I get desperate. It's pretty awful.

The method of delivery I feel that new-to-the-game enthusiasts overlook is truffle salt. It contains actual bits of the revered mushroom, which actually infuses the salt. And when lunchtime takes me to frittata or fettuccine or macaroni and cheese land (all extremely happy places) it's nice to have the option of spiking it with the stuff that makes you hallucinate slightly with gustatory pleasure. That is, of course, when I don't have my $150 black gold nugget carefully wrapped in paper and stored in a tightly sealed glass jar, and the shaver that I keep around.

Peruse your local gourmet store or the impressive array on Amazon, pick up a jar and learn to reach for it when certain foods (especially the abovementioned) cross your lunchtime:

I mean, you're welcome to sprinkle the stuff on a cupcake if you want. The exploration phase is about trial by error. Try it on everything, you may invent the next peanut butter and jelly.

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