5 Ways To Avoid A New Year's Letdown

This is already shaping up to be a good year for me. Jobs are coming in, deals are on the table, all is good, fresh and new. But there is that bit of sadness that I think we all carry into the new year coming off the hyper drive of holiday mode, being around family and the excitement or letdown of New Years Eve. So here are 5 tips to keep the sprits up and the juices flowing.

  1. Vitamin D supplements help in the wintertime, when there is minimal sun. It gives your body fighting power and is said to help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and rickets.
  2. Get that booty moving! Nothing gets the blood moving like a good 5k run! If that's too much for you, yoga is also nice this time of year because those hot rooms and eastern motifs feel great after being out in the cold world.
  3. Fasting or just more juicing in general to lighten the load and feel like you are living up to some part of your resolution. Even though the first three days of a fast are the worst, you'll soon feel better. Much better.
  4. Spice up your love life! With all this time indoors, why not try cooking with aphrodisiacs like figs, almonds, truffle oil, pomegranate, ginger and of course chocolate. All of these ingredients are said to ignite the senses.
  5. Make a checklist! Don't' let yourself fall into the same routine: make yourself a list and stick to it! Try buying, leaning and implementing QuickBooks. And writing 5 recipes a week.