Bacon Marmalade On Everything

The photo to your right is 30 lbs. of the finest chopped bacon you will ever find. This, along with caramelized onions and spices, will be confited until it becomes what is known to a lucky few as bacon marmalade. One of those few is Food Republic intern Laila Gohar, who very respectably brought a jar of bacon marmalade and a box of crackers for lunch one day last week — while, of course, wearing her trademark headband made of a small furry animal. We love Laila.

Procure yourself a jar of this excellent stuff if you happen to live in New York — or follow one of the many recipes online (you can bet this is on my list for our next test kitchen). It is then that you can spread, anoint, fold into, smear, schmear or simply forgo these lunch suggestions and shoot it intravenously like I've succumbed to. Here are some dishes that aren't holding yet, but might with a little encouragement.

As well as the following sandwiches:

If, after first taste, you find yourself unable to move and all you can do is spread more of this glorious stuff on some toast, at least make it with this bread. We're not savages, you know.