When Should You Drink Cappuccino?

Look, we're not judging. We've seen you finishing up your lunch and dinner with that dazed expression, thinking to yourself: "Let's make this just a little more decadent." So you do it. You order a cappuccino as dessert — or even with dessert. And that's fine, if it makes you happy. But what are you doing wrong?

According to a man who should know, cappuccino is a breakfast drink, to be enjoyed along with a croissant or breakfast pastry of your choosing. "Normally, cappuccino is for breakfast," says Riccardo Illy, whose family knows a little something about coffee.

He says that his fellow Italians know better than to top off a meal with a cup full of indigestion-inducing foamy milk or cream — to say nothing of those whose tongue-twisting orders involve no-foam, half-caf and other such intricacies. "You can find people drinking a cappuccino in the middle of the morning or in the middle of the day," Illy says of his countrymen. "But rarely would you find someone drinking a cappuccino after dinner or after lunch. In this case we prefer the short espresso."

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