Word Of The Day: Snakehead

Snakehead. Even the name sounds terrifying. The snakehead is arguably one badass fish, although others have taken to calling it Fishzilla as well. It is portrayed as a monster in movies, reflective of the public's somewhat irrational fears of the species. And with the ability to travel up to a quarter of a mile in wet land, it has created panic in those who see it ashore. Quick, hide the kids!

Originating in Asia, the snakehead is considered a top-level predator and an ecological danger. But, really, how invasive is it? A single female can release up to 150,000 eggs in two years. That's one fertile mertile. Nonetheless, it is a valuable fish in Asian cultures, and chefs have been considering the use of snakeheads in their menus. (The flavor profile resembles eel). It could make a highly sustainable ceviche or "an invasive species eradication plan in a martini glass," as the Baltimore Sun writes. Chef Byran Voltaggio is quoted: "Here's a fish you can feel good about depleting."