Guess What: Avril Lavigne Loves To Cook

We're pretty happy to see that Avril Lavigne is still kicking out mall punk jams and recently reunited with mega-producer LA Reid — the guy who discovered her in the wilds of Canada almost a decade ago.

We also spotted this clip over at the MTV Buzzworthy blog (run by our wife IRL) where Lavigne talks about her growing interest in food. Yes, like DJs and the dude from Wavves, Lavigne has been bitten by the food bug. We hear she's priming a couple new singles: "Wi9snob Boi" and "C8kdecorater Boi" to be releases in early 2012. We hear Bourdain will cameo on slap bass.

In the video — filmed while Lavigne decorates holiday cookies — she talks about cooking Italian food and she wants a set of chef knives for Christmas. Avril: We can suggest a couple.