A Love (Of Taco) Supreme

We're big fans of Chicago DJs The Hood Internet—we interviewed them for our recent DJ Week where they dropped some knowledge about Rap Snacks and The Chi's great unsung cooking show Cookin' Wit' Tittle. These dudes are no food luddites. Whether it's hitting up their favorite taco stand in Austin or New York's favorite late-night chicken spot, food plays a big role in their 150+ days on the road.

And on the topic of tacos, the duo just released a teaser trailer for their upcoming self-titled album—out next Tuesday for free via Mishka. Related: Back in 2009, Hood earned a $500 gift certificate for participating in Taco Bell's Feed The Beat campaign. But instead of blowing it on Volcano Tacos, they saved all but $35 for a rainy day. Or, the album's cover art.