A Biscuit Sandwich (Or Two)

I decided, while making my thirteenth or so Thanksgiving sandwich, that biscuits do one very important task very well: sandwiching. Bread is great and works about as well as something on the job for about 300 years. But the biscuit one-ups its butterless predecessor at every crucial turn: flavor, texture, aesthetics...I could go on.

Not every sandwich was made for the biscuit — for instance, the meatball slider was betrothed to Italian bread even before its birth. The yakisoba is best left in the bun — a biscuit could never contain its unwieldy tentacles. And the grilled mac 'n cheese, well, even I draw the line at carbs and fat on carbs and fat somewhere. But some sandwiches are better in every possible way, snugly nestled in the fluffy, buttery goodness of a biscuit. Consider these possibilities:

and of course, homemade sausage patties.

My recommendation for biscuit sandwiches at the office: on-site assembly, soggy-style will put a damper on any of the above options. Bring a foil-wrapped biscuit (or two, again, they're usually on the smaller side), split and toast. Or toast and split, entirely up to you. Load fixins inside. And, for lack of a better finale, omnomnom.