Word Of The Day: Marengo

Marengo is a manly dish, invented on the 19th century battlefield. Battles can be hunger-inducing and no one was hungrier than Napoleon after the French beat the Austrians at Battle of Marengo in Italy.

Reportedly, Chicken Marengo was invented by Napoleon's chef, Dunand, who was sent to forage in the Piedmont countryside. He found chicken, eggs, crayfish, tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs — not a bad haul. Supposedly, he cut the chicken apart with a saber, cooked everything together and added a ring of fried eggs as a garnish. This is the kind of chef every man should aspire to be. No woman can resist a foraging, saber-slashing, egg-frying man in the kitchen. Ok, maybe not everyone should be playing with sabers in the kitchen, but anyone can (and should) make Chicken Marengo.

Use today's Word of the Day: Happy Fried Egg!