As a recent transplant from sunny South Florida, the mere mention of the words New York winters and snow are enough to get me running back to Miami as fast as my once tanned legs will carry me. I’ve heard all sorts of suggestions on how to beat the cold: layers, ear muffs, long johns. But nothing does the trick like a big mug of boozy hot cocoa.

I’m not talking any old cocoa here. This spiked treat is the greatest two-in-one that you’ll ever come across. It warms you up and gives you a buzz that could potentially make you forget all about the terrifying bone-cold winter. Mix a half-ounce of alcohol per cup of cocoa to start. Although I’m of the opinion that a little alcohol makes everything better (drinking to repel mosquitos anyone?) these combinations will surely bust your winter blues.

1. Kahlúa 
Kahlúa and coffee are a classic combo, but here at Food Republic we like to reinvent the classics and bring you something even better. That’s why we’re introducing you to Kahlúa’s recently launched new flavor, cinnamon spice. The marriage of spicy coffee liqueur and chocolate is like an alcoholic mocha bumped up a notch.

2. Rum 
Rum will add a warm, spicy Caribbean twist to any dreary cold night. For an extra kick use Mexican chocolate in place of the regular stuff. If you’r feeling inspired why not whip up some Mole Poblano, invite some friends over, and call it a fiesta?! Known to gringos as chocolate sauce, this mexican speciality is so much more!

3. Baileys
We all know that the Irish have whisky down to a tee. Just ask any expert on Irish mobs. We like to top this whisky, cream and chocolate concoction with marshmallows dunked in whisky for an extra oomph.

4. Tequila
Yes, yes, I know what all you tequila purists are thinking. But trust me on this tipsy tequila and you won’t see chocolate in the same light (or dark, depending on how much you consume.)

5. Peppermint Schnapps
Choosing a favorite cocoa-booze combo is tricky task, but this one would probably take the cake. The peppermint compliments the chocolate creating a peppermint patty-esque treat that will take you back to that Christmas at Oma and Opa’s in Gstaad, even if you’re from South Jersey. It’s magical like that.

If you’ve had an especially tough day and feel the need for a little more booze, and we all do, no judging here, then top your mug with a dollop of boozy whipped cream (yes, someone actually came up with this stuff.) For an au-natural approach stick to some of the greatest homemade whipped cream around.