Thanksgiving Sandwich Madness

Shhh...quiet. I purposely stayed jetlagged last night and went to bed at 9PM Pacific so I could wake up at 7, sneak downstairs and make myself the first Thanksgiving sandwich using the best leftovers. Put down your pitchforks, this is nothing like the time I craftily absconded back to college with almost everything in the fridge. I'm told there was some pretty hardcore profanity uttered in my quickly-disappearing direction over that incident. Judge me not, the mighty power of the Thanksgiving sandwich gods told me to do it.

I won't tell you how to make your Thanksgiving sandwich, it's a sacred and subjective thing, different for each person. For instance, mine has more ham than turkey. Why? Because I made it my business to not leave a shred of dark meat on that platter. Some say white meat is better for sandwiches anyway. The point is, it's up for debate. Here's how I make mine:

Spread one slice of sturdy bread with mashed sweet potatoes and the other slice with cranberry sauce. On top of the sweet potatoes, a very thin layer of mayo and on top of the cranberries, a thick layer of honey mustard. Bear with me, it gets good. Begin layering on top of the sweet potato slice: two thick slices of ham, one slice of turkey (white meat if you're at my house), a smashed down stuffin' muffin (everything is better in muffin form), and a smear of regular mashed potatoes. Top with green beans or brussels sprouts and douse the top with gravy before finishing with the cranberry-mustard slice. Do not slice — it will topple. Just eat, quickly, and repeat until all leftovers are gone.

Having shared these tips, I'm off to the fridge to put them in practice before everyone wakes up.