Word Of The Day: Albumen

Although "albumen" may sound like the name of a Harry Potter character, the true meaning is much less mystical. You may be surprised to know that you (most likely) deal with albumen on a daily basis, for an it's is nothing more than another name for egg white.

Here's why it may remind you of Harry Potter, fellow nerds. An albumen contains albumin (any water soluble protein), and both of these words come out of the latin for white, which is "albus." Aha! Although the albumen is very quotidian, we can appreciate the magical capacity of this invisible part of the egg (which becomes visible when fried) to make healthy egg white omelets and equally unhealthy desserts when whisked. Albumen can also be used to clarify and stabilize wine.

Use today's Word of the Day: Happy Fried Egg!