May We Suggest A Menu: The Holidate

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, schedules get cramped and sometimes you have to start multi-tasking in order to fit everything in. This is when the "holidate" comes in handy.

A holidate combines a pre-existing family dinner with the chance to make a home-cooked dinner for your date (OK we admit, this may be too much of a cop out, but hey it's worth a try). On a holidate, it's imperative that you spend at least some time in the kitchen, even if you're not really doing anything. As long as your date catches you holding a knife or taking a pie out of the oven you're set.

Before the eating begins

Be sure to mix some quality cocktails. Keep it classic with this rare breed Old Fashioned. When it comes to choosing a cocktail for the night your date is spending hours with your family, the stronger the drink the better.


Make a simple soup. We suggest butternut squash soup with quinoa. This is a much safer bet than messy finger food and it gets everyone to the table right away so your date doesn't have to mingle with any weird aunts and uncles for too long.

Main Course

Go classic with a roasted chicken with lemon butter entrée. A well-cooked bird is always impressive, and it gives you a chance to show off your carving skills.

Side Dish

On a holidate, never overlook the importance of the side dish. Not sure whether your date likes starchy sides or prefers a vegetables? Cover your bases by combining the two using this mashed potatoes with goat cheese and kale recipe.


To finish the night off don't go for the standard pumpkin pie — you're trying to impress your date, remember? Instead, mix things up with this pumpkin gingersnap cheesecake recipe. It's just the holidate ace in the hole you need to cap off a perfect night of multi-tasking.