Rain Date: Occupy Big Food

Wind, sleet, snow and rain may not be enough to stop a postman from delivering his rounds, but it did in the first scheduled Occupy Against Big Food rally last month at Zuccotti Park. To be fair, the weather that day in October was frightful in New York City, with high winds and an unseasonable snow storm. Our correspondents reported back saying that about 20 protestors came, introduced themselves, and soon scattered as the wind and precipitation picked up.

Despite that initial glitch and the city's crackdown the last few days on the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park, Occupy Big Food organizers are giving it another go, listing the rain date as this Saturday, Nov. 19, at "140 Broadway," which is right near or maybe even in Zuccotti Park. They've also dropped a word from the title, which is now just Occupy Big Food — meaning agribusiness and corporate food companies. The subtitle, and the subtext, remains: "No more corporate feeding of America."

The forecast looks good — about 52 and partly cloudy — so the rally should take place as planned. Let's hope it becomes known not for being a controversial gathering but for sparking conversations about the Farm Bill, GMOs and other pressing issues affecting food.