Word Of The Day: Laverbread

Do you like eating seaweed? Then laverbread is for you. Not so much a bread as a kind of mush, laverbread is a Welsh delicacy made from the seaweed which clings to the rocks on the coastline. This particular kind of seaweed is known as laver (hence, laverbread) but you may also know it by its Japanese name, nori. To make laverbread, seaweed is collected from the rocks, washed, boiled down for a couple of hours, then minced or pureed.

This dish is not one for beauty, as it comes out looking like a blackish-green blob, but it has been a staple part of the Welsh breakfast, served alongside sausages, bacon and mushrooms, or mixed with oatmeal and fried, since the early 19th century. If you want a nice, salty kick to wake you up in the morning, we suggest this dish.

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