Pass The Roast Beef!

Today at the Food Republic Test Kitchen cooking is getting under way and naturally, that means we all have lunch on the mind. In the kitchen are two large roast beefs just begging to be made into cold weather's perfect treat: the hot roast beef sandwich.

Be warned: the hot roast beef sandwich isn't for the light-hearted. This sandwich is heavy and excessive by its very nature and that's exactly how we like it. Just when you think that piling thin slices of roast beef on top of two hearty buns couldn't get better, gravy and cheese get thrown into the mix, sending this sandwich into the hall of fame (and no, Arby's version doesn't count).

You know you've perfected the roast beef sandwich if meat is falling out of the sides and there is no possible way you could fit your mouth around the entire thing. If this isn't happening, you've got roast beef failure on your hands. Better still – toast the buns lightly for extra crunch.

Of course, you could always make a cold roast beef sandwich, but why mess with perfection?