Word Of The Day: Salsify

Salsify (pronounced SAHL-sih-fee) is one of many hip, under-the-radar vegetables. Just mention the world "salsify" to any foodie and make a new friend. A root vegetable attached to a flowering plant which is part of the sunflower family, salsify is shaped like a carrot, but is either black or white in color.

The most intriguing thing about this vegetable is that it's said to taste like oyster or artichoke, two foods that have almost nothing in common. We like when vegetables surprise us, though, plus salsify has lots of other fun names like goat's beard, oyster vegetable and the oyster plant. Salsify can be stewed, roasted, steamed or mashed. Apparently, the salsify plant grows as a weed in urban wastelands. Foraging potential is just one more thing to add to its cool factor. Digging up some salsify from an abandoned parking lot is sure to get you some excellent foodie street cred.

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