It's World Vegan Day!

Once in a while, we'll take off our cowboy boots and slip on a nice comfy pair of Birkenstocks for a healthy night in ('cause outside of the big city, dining out vegan-style can get a little dicey). In honor of World Vegan Day, we're doing just that and converting briefly to seitanism. Thanks to our vegan columnist, Ayinde Howell, we have no shortage of advice when it comes to eschewing animal products and handling the intricacies (and, occasionally, intimacies) of a meat, dairy and egg-free lifestyle.

Additionally, if you find yourself in need of a cleanse following your crazy candy and booze-fueled Halloween bender, a few days of these decidedly tasty vegan delights should fix you right up.

Celebrate those who are able to do this day in, day out (major props to Moby — 27 years strong) and veg out a little.