Interview: Flosstradamus

It's DJ Week at Food Republic, which means we are talking to some of our favorite clubland characters — but more about Serrano than Serato. And boy are they happy to tell us about their food adventures. It makes us jealous. DJ's live the life, and they eat very, very well.

The dudes in Chicago DJ duo Flosstradamus —J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci)—have been killing it onstage for almost 10 years with their over-the-top mix of Top 40 hip-hop, old-school house and home-cooked remixes. Oh man, "Cape Town Get Down" is a grower—and a shower. Their latest track from Fool's Gold, "Luuk Out Girl," is pure Chi-town juke flavor.

But in hearing Cameruci talk about late-night buffalo tofu and killer ice cream sandwiches in SF, it's clear he's upping his culinary game as well. We checked in with him to find out what's in his fridge—and in his cereal bowl.

In terms of food, what is your favorite city to visit while on tour?

Aside from Chicago, I'm going to have to give it up to San Francisco. I will start off my day with a cup of coffee from either 4 Barrel, Blue Bottle or Philz. For lunch we are usually eating sandwiches at Ike's Place. And for dinner, we're at this hole in the wall called Yamo. Top it off with the real San Francisco treat—an It's It ice cream sandwich.

What are three staples in your refrigerator?

Hummus. It's pretty much the best snack to pair up with anything. Also, pickled okra and hot sauce. Apparently, I am still in college.

Last meal you made at home was...

Garlic kale, bacon and green eggs.

Do you have any quirky (or strange) dietary habits?

On the road it's hard to maintain a strict dietary habit. So we try to keep it healthy, within reason, until tour is over. Then it's either fasting or healthy eating when we get back home for a few days.

First food to hit your lips in the morning is...

Coffee, everyday. Then, if I'm, lucky some Cinnamon Life cereal.

Favorite cooking show(s) on TV?

Dinner With the Band. Note: Flosstradamus appeared in an episode with Kid Sister.

Do you have any pre-show food rituals or habits?

We have learned the hard way over the years not to go so heavy with the pre-show meal. We try to keep it light—like with sushi, salad, vermicelli. Or else we will be snoozing on stage.

What is your earliest cooking memory from childhood?

My grandmother used to make mini hamburgers with me. We would cut out white bread with a milk cap for the buns. I don't know why but it made a hamburger taste so much better in bite size.

If you're eating after 3 a.m., you're likely eating...

Not healthy. If we are in Chicago we will most defiantly be at Pick Me Up cafe starting off our meal with some buffalo tofu and a milkshake on the side.

What's your favorite music to cook to?

I'm gonna go generic with Soulja Boy ft. Lil B – "Cooking Dance"

If you get hungry during a set, what kinds of food do you snack on that won't get the equipment all greasy?

We have thrown a few dance/pizza parties. You just gotta make sure there are enough napkins around.

Name another DJ or musician you've worked with who is really into food?

The biggest foodie/DJ I know has to be DJ Tittsworth. I've seen videos of him eating food that is still alive before.

The best thing your mom cooks?

Chocolate chip marble squares.

And your playlist to cook to...

R. Kelly, "In The Kitchen"

Soulja Boy ft. Lil B (Pretty Boy Millionaires), "Cooking Dance"

Fat Boys, "All You Can Eat"

Raffi, "Banana Phone"

Cadillac Don, "Peanut Butter And Jelly"

Weird Al Yankovic, "Taco Grande"

Jimmy Buffett, "Cheeseburger In Paradise"

Soft Tigers, "Ice Cream (Waxmaster Remix)"

Kelis, "Milkshake"

Alf, "Melmac Girls" (came in Burger King kids meal)

Yello, "Oh Yeah" (from '80s Twix commercials)

Listen to the playlist: