Occupy Against Big Food Rescheduled

Unfortunately, the weather proved too much for the "Occupy Against Big Food" protest scheduled to take place yesterday at Zuccoti Park. The park was drenched and eerily quiet, a blanket of blue tarp covering much of the area. While a parade of people shouting "Occupy Wall Street, all day all night!" gathered at the entrance, I could find no evidence of a food protest.

Finally, a man offered me a fair trade banana, and directed me across the street to where the Against Big Food protest was supposed to have been. A few people were gathered, huddled under umbrellas being pelted by sleet, and they informed me that things were breaking up and that the protest would be rescheduled. This seemed like a wise decision; my own umbrella was soon ripped out of my hands by the wind. Sometimes Mother Nature can't be ignored.

For more information on when the protest will take place, check the Occupy Against Big Food facebook page.