Word Of The Day: Burnt Ends

You may wonder, "Why should I care about anything burnt?" Especially "ends." We all know that "burnt" is commonly a taboo word around the kitchen, something to be hushed up or cursed or quietly disposed of. When you get burnt ends, however, this is cause for joy.

Burnt ends refers to the ends (or "point") of barbecued beef brisket which commonly get charred in the barbecuing process. Burnt ends are a Kansas City specialty. Although they used to be discarded or given away, this barbecue byproduct has come to be one of the most highly respected and coveted markers of Kansas City barbecue. Brisket ends are often the fattiest part of the cut, and a slow burn gives them a smoky, crunchy outer crust (or "bark") with a melt-in-your mouth center. Slathered with barbecue sauce, what more could you want?

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