Word Of The Day: Spatchcock

Spatchcock that chicken! You know what we mean...or do you? The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that a spatchcock is any poultry which has been split open, removed of its spine using poultry shears, flattened and grilled. Thus, spatchcock is also used as a verb to describe this preparation. For example: "I've been spatchcocking chickens all day." Basically, spatchcocking means the same thing as butterflying, but it's just more fun to say.

This wacky term comes from Ireland, and may be an abbreviation of "Dispatch the cock," a phrase which the Irish apparently threw around in the 18th century when they needed to whip up a quick and simple chicken dinner. Spatchcock is also said to be a variation of the word spitchcock, which means to split an eel lengthwise and fry it.

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