NYC's New Dining Out App

Regular readers of Food Republic will know that the editors have a predilection for music that runs almost as strong as food. Which explains why we feel a certain kinship with Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, who work at record labels by day but apparently spend every night eating out at NYC's newest, buzziest restaurants (and the occasional standby or out-of-town hot spot). After years of extracurricular eating, the two started up the sharply designed Immaculate Infatuation, where they've been writing honest reviews of restaurants while avoiding much critical posturing; the reviews are sort of like what you get when you ask an excitable friend about a place, as opposed to reading some cranky-pants professional.

Now, the guys have gone mobile, creating the Infatuation application for iPhone. Walking around NYC and looking for a good scene with excellent food, or good food in an excellent setting? This is the app for you. It's helpful, has location-based restaurant maps, and what it lacks in overall depth it makes up for in featuring the new and noteworthy, and breaking down the food, scene and back story in unpretentious language. They don't call it immaculate for nothing.