Word Of The Day: Cynar

Mmm, artichoke. This pleasant vegetable made of fleshy vegetal leaves with a meaty heart. It's excellent dunked in butter or used in salads or dips, but did you know it can also give you a buzz? This is where Cynar comes in: an Italian bitter aperitif made with 13 herbs and plants, whose predominant flavor comes from our good friend, the 'choke. This is clear from the bottle's label, which boldy displays an illustrated artichoke against a red background.

Hmm, artichoke liqueur, sounds...appetizing? Featuring a bitter taste and creamy texture, Europeans like to drink it on ice as an aperitif or digestif, as well as mixed with orange juice and other citrus juices. Cynar can also be used as a substitute for Campari (perfect for Negroni Week) and is actually pretty strong stuff (33 proof, or 16.5% alcohol). Who knew the artichoke could be so badass?

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