Word Of The Day: Cuvée

The meaning of cuvée is not so cut-and-dry. What is certain is that it refers to wine, and that it's French. Cuvée comes from the word "cuve" which means vat, so it can be put on the label of any wine that comes from a vat (which are most). It can also be used to denote a specific vintage or batch, while cuvée du patron means "house wine."

Cuvee is also commonly used to describe a blend of different grapes or wines, frequently of higher quality. This is true with Champagne, where wines must be mixed to create the same taste every year. Cuvée also refers to the first-pressed juice, used to make Champagne. Whatever the case, cuvée is somewhat of a free agent when it comes to wine terminology, and is thrown around quite liberally, so make sure you know what's what.

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