Word Of The Day: Astringent

Most teenagers probably associate the word "astringent" with pore cleansers, while sophisticated adults (read: super-snobs) use it as an adjective to describe certain foods and wines. Growing older has its benefits.

Astringency is a phenomenon that makes the inside of your mouth feel dry and puckered, not unlike your skin feeling taut and dry after being splashed with an astringent. Astrigent foods and beverages, like their astrigent facial product counterparts, absorb water and dry out oil, making them the perfect pairings for spicy dishes or rich foods like meats and cheeses.

Where can you see this theory in action? Just ask Patrick Bertoletti, world-ranked competitive eater. When hoovering down dozens of hot dogs, his beverage of choice/secret weapon is cherry limeade. According to Bertoletti, there's nothing like it for cutting the fat.

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