When Cream Cheese Met Jelly

For those of you wondering what happened to jelly during this whole peanut butter wandering eye fiasco, meet cream cheese. With the steady rise of Scandinavian food, cured salmon ran rampant on the appetizing bender of a lifetime and basically walked out of their comfortable bagel.

It was hard to stay friends with everyone due to the tense situation, but as it turns out, cream cheese and jelly hooked up shortly after. It was totally natural, not a rebound situation at all. They moved into a triple-decker and they're still going strong. Cured salmon and peanut butter, on the other hand, had a one-night stand and never spoke again. Talk about a bagel sandwich from hell.

That epilogue fabricated, I highly recommend you get yourself into a cream cheese and jelly sandwich situation, both in and out of the context of lunch. Butter and jelly on something hot and toasted is great, but butter's texture and flavor doesn't exhance your jelly experience. It definitely clicks, but there's nothing special. Cream cheese's thick, smooth texture and pronounced tanginess perfectly complements jelly's sweet, fruity flavor. Peanut butter's great too, I mean, it's still our buddy and everything. We're just hanging out with other people right now.