Word Of The Day: Frenching

Frenching? French Fries? French what? We know that French food jargon can get confusing, so we've dedicated today's word of the day to making your life easier. At least with words that start with "French."

The term frenching refers to cutting food in a particular way to ensure even cooking and maintain an attractive appearance. Two different meanings are used depending on the context. The first sense refers to cutting food in a particular way — for instance, cutting evenly-sized cubes of potatoes or julienning carrots. Thankfully, there are tools to make this a lot easier. We rely on our mighty mandolin, and an array of other weaponry.

The second sense is related to appearance. Often times bone-in meats are frenched for aesthetic purposes, meaning the meat is trimmed to expose parts of the the bone. Thankfully, butchers will often save you the time, and do this themselves.

Use today's Word of the Day: Tandoori Lamb Chops