Sausage Pizza Has Its Day

If we had any problem with fat-on-fat-on-carb violence, we would have never featured the grilled macaroni and cheese sandwich as Sandwich of the Week. For this very reason, I've selected today's totally made-up and largely ignored national food holiday for lunch. Sausage pizza. Very random. Does pepperoni fall within the acceptable realm of sausage? Can I have a pepperoni slice today and say I celebrated National Sausage Pizza Day? Does homemade lamb sausage pizza count, or must it be sweet or hot Italian? There are resources for figuring out which national food holiday it is, so why can't I seem to find an authority who will tell me how to properly observe them? (What do you mean "it's pretty self-explanatory?")

Sausage pizza is a poster child for how too much of a good thing can be awesome. Gooey whole-milk mozzarella and spicy, fatty sausage produce a big fatty flavor that tells your body "hey, there's good stuff here and winter's a knockin', so bulk up before hibernation season." Or at least that's what it tells me. Technically, and by that I mean according to nutritionists, if you have either sausage or cheese on something, there shouldn't be a need for the other. But technically won't get you through hibernation season or boast the mighty taste of cheese-covered sausage. Or sausage riding atop a canopy of melted cheese. Or a veritable campground of sausage partially covered by cheese and sausage riding atop.

I'd also like to recognize football season's potential role in whichever culinary historian's decision it was to deem October 11th National Sausage Pizza Day. If you're of the meat persuasion, watching football and ordering pizza (someone's ears just perked up), my guess is that you're springing for sausage. Burning all those sympathy calories with your fantasy team demands nutritional replenishing that November 12th's Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day (mark your calendars) simply can't provide.