An Elegant Tailgating Affair

We hope you read our dating columnist Jason Kessler's last piece on getting your girlfriend to watch football with you. As he so wisely put it, "If you make girl-friendly food part of the sports experience, your better half will hopefully get over her issues and chow down with the boys."

And we plan to do just that this weekend. Heck, you can even let her help cook. Take your picks from our tailgating food most likely to appeal to those without a Y-chromosome (we're convinced it's that chromosome that makes them hate on our beloved pigskin and everything that comes along with it), and watch your sausage fest expand its universe to include the humble taco.


Big Bites



And if you can get through a tailgating party together...what's that? Is that an engagement wing you've got there? You sly dog.

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