Gallery: 10 Gluten-Free Fall Recipes

Have you heard about the controversy surrounding the gluten-free diet's ascent into "trendiness?" From a medical standpoint, there is no need to abstain from wheat if you're not allergic. If you suspect you may be (i.e. if you feel "not great" after large portions of bread or pasta), try giving up gluten for a few weeks and see if your symptoms improve. In any case, this is one area where a doctor's consultation may actually be helpful. And you'll probably be able to keep your pants on.

We bring this up again because it's fall. There's no better time than fall to master risotto, to roast potatoes and to enjoy hearty seasonal meat-and-root-vegetable combos over soft polenta. Gone are the days of grilled things in buns and keg after keg of beer (although our gluten-free summer recipes are still great). Instead, brush up on your oenology — these recipes are super-easy to pair with wine — and welcome the cold weather by shunning gluten and cooking up a storm.