Celebrate World Vegetarian Day!

We're proud to feature more than just a scant handful of vegetarian recipes on Food Republic. We celebrate Meatless Mondays, try new vegetables and have learned to love tofu for the dear, sweet eco-friendly protein that it is. We occasionally go vegan with Ayinde Howell and get our seitan on (once we figured out what the heck it was) and when we venture into meat and fish territory, we try to keep it sustainable.

Behold, a massive list of our favorite vegetarian recipes from around the world, in no order whatsoever.

And if the most you can do is add veggie fries to your cow or pig (temporary shame on you, don't you want to be cool like Reggie Watts?)

Plus, most desserts that we know of (excluding those with tasty bacon cameos) are inherently meat-free, so browse our sweet recipes and have at it.