5 Recommended Cleanses For Fall

So it's official; summer is over. Womp womp. As we begin a new season, our bodies prepare us for the change. My body is preparing for the (harsh) winters of the Northeast. In this transition period, it's a perfect time for a... cleanse! If you are like me, you took full advantage of the summer and all its parties, free booze and tons of food, all of which were not on your "balanced diet" plan. So, now is the perfect time to give the kidneys a break and purge your physical cache. The only question is, by which means should you do this?

My last cleanse was a no-sugar 10-day juice fast, also known as hell. I was withdrawing from sugar like a junkie, down to writhing on the floor like a cracked-out Vegan Pooky. The first 3 days are always bad, because you also tend to cleanse emotionally, passing what I call (forgive my crudeness) an emo-turd. 10-days is veteran length. If you're just starting off, I recommend you talk to your doctor and possibly a nutritionist, because everyone's body is different.

Here are the 5 Recommended Cleanses:

  1. The Master Cleanse (or the Beyonce cleanse)

  2. The Blueprint Cleanse ( this is kinda corporate, but is a baseline cleanse)
  3. DIY juice cleanse à la Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (get a juicer and go to the market)
  4. Kris Carr's 21-day cleanse is great, and iEG recommended.
  5. DIY raw/whole food cleanse. Cut out all cooked food for 3 days (a weekend is best). The simplest way is to eat whole fruits and veggies and drink lots of water.

Like I said, there are a lot of options out there. And the buddy system is a good fail-safe. I'm starting the Master Cleanse this week with a friend. Wish me luck.

Have you tried a cleanse? Tell me how it went down in the comments below.