Taco Salad: Give Tortillas The Day Off

You know what's hard to eat at your desk? Tacos. Every time I come back to Food Republic headquarters with tacos, crunchy or soft, I realize I have two choices. Risk cheese to the keys as I awkwardly munch while typing, or take a little-deserved break to actually chew and swallow. Somehow I never consider that while in line at the taco truck (AKA: my happy place). You think we food writers have it easy.

Enter the taco salad. It's kind of like a movie based on a book. The book was technically a little better, but the movie is just as satisfying. Nah, it's not like that. Let me try again.

Enter the taco salad. It's kind of like a DJ set from a band you wanted to see live. Okay, this isn't working. It suddenly occurs to me that I'm just listing off stuff I did over the weekend.

Enter the taco salad. it's the bastard child of...alright, you know what? I'm going to stop trying to justify what I ended up getting for lunch today and just visualize my computer's gratitude that I'm not eating actual tacos. There's only so much a nerdy full-time writer's silicone keyboard protector can handle. Change the last part of this headline to "give your brain the day off," and the deck to "my lunchtime fiesta made my head veg out," and I'll call this one a day.

If after reading this you decide to get tacos just to spite me, I'll understand.