Gadgets For Your Garlic

If you love garlic (especially what it does for your romantic life) but hate the busy work associated with cooking it, then stay tuned. We've rounded up five useful garlic gadgets for all lovers of alium sativum that'll get you out of the kitchen and face-down in a steaming, pungent bowl of whatever you're making faster than your date can hit the fake-a-call app on her phone.

Michael Graves Garlic Press with Stainless Steel Head

Your garlic chopping days are over once you've bought the ultimate garlic tool: the press. Just insert a peeled clove of garlic, squeeze the handle and squish the garlic through. Voilà, odor-free hands.

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Terra Cotta Electric Express Garlic Roaster

If you love roasted garlic, this gadget is a kitchen necessity. The Terra Cotta Electric Express Garlic Roaster rests on your countertop with room to spare, fitting several cloves at once in its non-stick cup. This little gem only takes 27 minutes to roast a clove, which is about the same time it would take an oven to do it. But it looks like a giant clove of garlic, which is a major plus in our opinion.

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Zak Designs Original Garlic Peeler

If you cook with garlic, you know the skin isn't the most edible part of the plant. What is the best way to peel a garlic clove? While many are partial to hitting the clove with the flat edge of your chef's knife (you do have one, right?), others may find this method to be a little too dangerous for their skill level. Peeling by hand may also be difficult, leaving papery micro-shreds all over your clove plus you'll be sporting garlic-fingers for the rest of the day. Just put your clove inside the peeler, roll it on the counter and the skin will fall right off.

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Chef'n Garlic Slicer

The process of slicing small cloves of garlic can be a pain, but it's worth it. Not only do you get full garlic flavor, it matches perfectly with sautéed vegetables such as string beans, broccoli or potatoes. It holds multiple cloves for your quick slicing convenience, plus it's dishwasher-safe. That means the residual odor becomes another appliance's problem.

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Williams-Sonoma Ceramic Garlic Keeper

Where do you keep your garlic? Is it in the fridge, where it gets pushed to the back and eventually forgotten about? How about in a drawer, making everything else in there smell like garlic? We've found the solution to your garlic-storing needs right here: the ceramic or terra cotta garlic keeper. You can find these through various kitchen supply stores and websites. When you do choose a garlic keeper, make sure it has the ventilation holes to release moisture, which can make your garlic moldy (come on, it already smells bad enough). This one also happens to be stylish, for the modern man's culinary space.

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