RFD's Brew Burger

If you're a fan of a frosty brew – and we know you are – then you're in for a treat. Tame your taste buds for a moment while we bring you the ultimate, awe-inspiring Regional Food and Drink (RFD)'s Brew Burger in Washington D.C. This hearty portion of ground Angus soaks in our favorite marinade of all time – beer. Black ale, to be more precise. Exotic, right?

It's no wonder that this culinary work of art has become RFD's number one seller. Made with eggs, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper (in addition to the lager), the Brew Burger has definitely won our hearts (or maybe it's just the alcohol talking). RFD's owners released the Brew Burger at their first restaurant, the Brickskellar, making it part of the family for more than 50 years.

This Chinatown restaurant offers an extensive beer menu, serving more than 5,000 different beers in its history. Overall, 25 million beers have been served at the location, featuring brews from around the world.

If you're suddenly motivated to create your own version of the brew burger, remember to follow the same rule that goes for wine: only cook with what you'd drink, and drink what you just cooked with. That's what we'd do, but you can drink whatever you want. Go ahead, open that Miller Light and see if it stands up to the mightiness. We'll just sit here and silently judge you...

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