Peanut Butter, With Apologies To Jelly

There's nothing like a peanut butter sandwich when you're hungry, broke, hungover, bored, out of food or totally lacking in the creativity department. And yes, it's been married for jelly for so long their silver anniversary (that's 20 years) passed before you were even born. To keep things spicy at home, peanut butter occasionally wanders off – always to come back – to seek an exciting "thing on the side." We're not endorsing its behavior (and this metaphor is starting to get weird) but sometimes peanut butter deserves a real pat on the back. Those are some good eats.

Bacon: Salty, meaty and crunchy to PB's salty-sweet, nutty and smooth. We find these textures and flavors extremely attractive. Make your own perfect bacon for this pairing and you may never go back.

Marshmallow fluff: Sweet for the sweet. If for some reason your peanut butter's sugar content isn't nearly high enough, this sticky spread will definitely push it over the line.

Bananas: The stuff of Elvis' dreams. A silky smooth performance the King would be proud of.

Honey: See above entry for marshmallow fluff.

Nutella: We thought peanut butter was going to leave jelly for this European bombshell, but it came back in the end. Apparently Nutella goes with a lot of other good stuff, too.

Raisins: Good, if you're a raisin man.

Mayo: This was a little odd to see, especially since both peanut butter and mayo are basically pure fat in a jar. But then we realized the gravity of that situation and immediately reached for bread. Don't be afraid to whip up your own mayo for such a momentous awakening, it's worth it!

Potato chips: Our new favorite alternative to bacon. Crisp, savory and chock full 'o salt, peanut butter and potato chips (especially fresh, homemade potato chips) go together like peanut butter and je...ooh, sorry. Forgot. Yikes.

Sriracha: You may have heard that there's nothing sriracha, that saucy red devil, doesn't go with. Peanut butter is definitely no exception. It takes to spice like it was extruded into jars with it.

What do you pair peanut butter with? Let us know in the comments below.