15 Famous-Ish Marcs In History

This may be Marc Murphy Week, but the chef is not alone—in name, at least. Recent history is littered with loads of Marcs both famous and infamous. How does Murphy stack up against the pack? On your Marcs, get set, go!

1. Marc Singer: If you were a fan of fantasy film The Beastmaster and its sequels (there were sequels), you'll likely recognize Canadian Marc Singer. He's the namesake Beastmaster, who was "born with the courage of an eagle, the strength of a black tiger and the power of a god."

2. Marc Summers: Anyone who grew up in the 1980s remembers this man's name. He was the host of slime-filled kids' game show Double Dare. These days, he's hosting the Food Network program Unwrapped.

3. Marc Anthony: The singer and former Mr. Jennifer Lopez was actually born Marco Antonio Muñiz, in Puerto Rico. Fun fact: He's a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins!

4. Marc Eckō: The entrepreneur behind the rhino-adorned Eckō Unltd clothing line also runs Complex magazine, oversees a video game company and partners in a venture-capital fund. Fun fact: He won the bid for Barry Bonds' record-setting 7556th homerun ball, paying a cool $752,467.

5. Marc Almond: Without this English musician, there would be no "Tainted Love." He's one half of synth-driven twosome Soft Cell.

6. Marc Bell: While his given name might not ring...well, a bell, his stage name will be familiar: He's better known as Marky Ramone, a drummer in the eponymous punk rock group.

7. Marc Jacobs: The New York–based fashion designer helms his own eponymous line of clothing. I wear his cologne. My wife says it makes me smell nice.

8. Marc Bolan: Born Mark Feld, this 1970s British singer-songwriter assumed the name Marc Bolan for his musical career. He's best known as the frontman for glam-rock group T. Rex. He died in a car crash in 1977, several weeks before his 30th birthday.

9. Marc Bulger: The NFL quarterback retired last month following a pro career that saw him reach the Pro Bowl while playing with the St. Louis Rams. He played last year for the Baltimore Ravens.

10. Marc Cécillon: The well-known French rugby player became notorious in August 2004 when, while drunk, he shot and killed his wife in front of a large crowd.

11. Marc Chagall: The modernist painter was one of the most famous Jewish artists of the 20th century. He's known for his vivid use of color.

12. Marc Gagnon: The Canadian speed skater won five medals in the Winter Olympics, counting two bronze and three gold finishes.

13. Marc Mero: Longtime fans of pro wrestling should remember Mero's name. He began his career grappling as Johnny B. Badd for the World Championship Wrestling, before battling for the WWF under the names "Wildman" Marc Mero and "Marvelous" Marc Mero.

14. Marc Okrand: Only hard-core Trekkies will know Okrand: The American linguist created the Klingon language and wrote several books about the made-up language.

15. Marc Ravalomanana: Pop quiz! Who was the president of Madagascar from 2002 to 2009? Why, it was Marc Ravalomanana, who was removed from power during a coup.

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